24 september, 2023. Barcelona
Barcelona Indie Awards International Festival (BIAIF) - Yearly competition with live-screening at Barcelona, Spain consist of season rounds.
Barcelona Indie Awards International Festival (BIAIF) - Yearly competition with live-screening at Barcelona, Spain consist of season rounds. Our festival is here to develop the evolution of national filmmaking through international communications.

Every year we meet with works from all over the world and our main principle is to find the authors' point of view, regardless of country, race or any other affiliation.

Barcelona Indie Awards Film Festival 2022-2023 | Winners

1st Day
Intro with live musical performance; BIAIF Opening Feature Film; Q&A; Afterparty in famous clubhouse

2nd Day
(Works that reinforce family values such as friendship, love and etc.)

3rd Day
(Thrillers, Horrors, dark comedies, blood & Gore works)
Thrill day will be filled with horror mascaraed and vampires night on the beach with round dances , marshmallow and bonfires on the beach
Q&A with filmmakers

4th Day
(Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Documentaries about UFO and etc.)
Q&A with filmmakers, Lectures about live beyond Earth, Special Guest from professional Fantasy filmmaking world.

5th Day
(Dedicated to works about world problems such as: ECO, gender inequality, racism, bad attitude to refugees, cataclysm)
Big lectures aimed to raise concerns about world problems; Q&A; Closing ceremony dedicated to ‘La Mercé’ holiday

You can submit your film for consideration using the FilmFreeway platform.
Each season BIAIF judges are posting winners in each category on official website and social media pages.
  • Best Short Film
    Best Feature Film
    Best Short Documentary
    Best Feature Documentary
    Best Animation
    Best Music Video

  • Best Thriller
    Best Comedy
    Best Romance
    Best Fantasy
    Best Historical Film
    Best Action Movie
    Best Drama
    Best Dark Comedy
    Best Horror
    Best Sci-Fi
    Best Detective
    Best War Film
    Best Erotic Film
  • Best ECO work
    Best 360 Film
    Best Black & White Film
    Best BLM Film
    Best LGBTQ+ Film
    Best Sport Film
    Best No-Dialogue Film
    Best Experimental Film
    Best Student Film
    Best Web Series
    Best Educational Film

  • Best Short Screenplay
    Best Feature Screenplay
    Best Television Script
    Best Adapted Screenplay

  • Best Director
    Best Producer
    Best Actor
    Best Composer
    Best Cinematography
    Best Original Score
    Best Original Soundtrack
    Best Actress
    Best Young Actor
    Best Young Actress
    Best Young Director
    Best Director Debut

  • Best Scenography
    Best Color Editing
    Best Editing
    Best Photography
    Best Costume Design
    Best Makeup
    Best VFX
    Best Poster
International Festival (BIAIF)
Barcelona Indie Awards
Before submitting your film to our festival please read the following rules :
• By entering your film for consideration for Barcelona Indie Awards, you authorize that your work is cleared for festival exhibition and accept full legal responsibility for the intellectual property therein.
• We do not require premiere status. There is no limit to the year of screening, any year is accepted
• All the submission fees are non-refundable.
• Films must be submitted in English language or with English subtitles.
• Multiple submissions are allowed.
• We reserve the right to not to give an award or announce winner in one or all categories. • We accepting films of all genres.
• Length of the film can not exceed more than 40 minutes for short films and over 60 to 160 minutes for full-Length films.
• We reserve the right to cancel or move the event date due to government restrictions related to Covid19.
Here you can apply for any question

By filling out the form, you consent to the processing of personal data.

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